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Fast Access to Expert’s Knowledge for Enterprises Concerning Cloud Computing

February 21, 2012

Cologne, 08.09.2011

EuroCloud-Germany, the federation of Cloud Computing
Business, will soon provide expert knowledge for Cloud Computing via the web based
solution PROMIS® from PROMIS@Service Sarl.
With this software-as-a-service-application, business information will be made available
internationally over the Web. The solution translates documents into nine languages
thereby making the expertise of a particular country available to all interested parties.
EuroCloud Germany_eco will provide the “Guide to Legal, Privacy & Compliance” and
information on the EuroCloud Star Audit SaaS via PROMIS®.
“Companies need to have access to a wide variety of information when strategically
planning for any innovations. So far this has not been easily accessible,” says Andreas
Weiss, director of EuroCloud Germany_eco. “PROMIS® provides exactly the
functionalities we need to offer knowledge on crucial legal and technical issues
concerning Cloud Computing for small and medium-sized businesses at the European
level. The opportunity to offer, in the near future, the information with PROMIS® in nine
European languages is a distinct advantage of the solution. “The guidelines, data
protection and compliance explain privacy issues, contractual elements, as well as
product and industry-specific features. The EuroCloud Star Audit SaaS is a hallmark for
Cloud providers, which guides the users when looking for the appropriate service
“The cooperation with EuroCloud and the strong demand for information about Cloud
Computing provides us with the opportunity to bring the PROMIS® solution and service
nearer to a wider audience, as an instrument of effective management and good
corporate governance,” says Caterina Berbenni-Rehm, CEO of PROMIS@Service.
“While nowadays knowledge is no longer the preserve of the few, those who are willing
to share their know-how will inevitably benefit ahead of those who fail to appreciate the
worth of Cloud Computing.”
EuroCloud is currently present in 28 countries. Therefore, when deciding to choose
PROMIS® as the knowledge platform, the crucial criterion was the international focus on
and the support to the most significant languages.
“It is essential that the use of cloud services is secure. A transnational network is needed
to comply with the various aspects of national legislation and specific requirements. If we
are to continue our far ranging activities, such as the EuroCloud Star Audit for
Certification of Cloud Providers, the dialogue with national and European authorities, and
organizations, as well as the structuring of an expert’s knowledge for small and medium
enterprises, we must ensure safety remains a priority”, said Bernd Becker, chairman of
EuroCloud Germany_eco.
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