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The Service

“A Single Point of Access for Performance, Compliance, Improvement for Small Organisations across Europe”


The PROMIS® software-as-a-service solution comprises several interactive services and consulting functions which are offered with the support of institutions, as well as regional selected PROMIS® qualified consultants and are based among others on the provision of continuously updated tailored content, and selected information dissemination.

PROMIS® provides the solution for:

  • dealing with a complex regulatory environment
  • controlling organizational performance
  • structuring and ordering documentation in an integrated electronic handbook which complies with ISO environmental, health and safety, quality requirements and other standards
  • continually improving.

The service components

The PROMIS® compliance management system is a set of interactive services, methodologies, tools and contents that assist key personnel of an organization to recognise and to respond to the tasks in connection with Environment, Health&Safety and Quality related compliance and other provisions. Following recognition of potential risks, the PROMIS® services effectively support SMEs in achieving compliance by providing:

  • Knowledge and pre-processed information to aid decision-making and to delegate tasks to internal or external personnel,
  • A set of practical tools, e.g. integrated components of application software to structure knowledge, working-templates and interactive self-assessment questionnaires. The services can be licenced to own customers or in the eShop,
  • Multilingual e-learning courses tailored to small businesses, depending on their industry sector, location (national / regional) and size,
  • The opportunity to seek online professional advice and independent services through the PROMIS® consultants network, ISO qualified by the CEN CWA 16275

myPROMIS® (Integrated Management)

The core of the PROMIS® service is the online integrated management solution. This application supports and integrates compliance with legislation and management systems in a user-friendly format that accommodates organisations of all sizes and sectors. Here organizations can, with online consultancy support, define and improve their processes link them with related information or records of other aspects such as documents, raw materials, equipment, personnel etc, and manage them in accordance with legal and internal organizational requirements.
‘myPROMIS®’ supports all the stages of implementing a management system, automatically documenting the outcome in an electronic handbook which follows ISO, EMAS, OHSAS and other requirements.
At all levels, SME users are offered the opportunity to get the support of a qualified PROMIS® consultant.


The pyramid allows structuring, filtering and sharing experience among consultants and SMEs from a sector (e.g. Construction) and/or theme (e.g. Maintenance) and/or domain (e.g. Health&Safety).
This module is based on the concept of sharing experience via a system of pyramids which can be customized at will, for any type of sector, theme and domain application to serve specific sectoral needs of small organisations.
Consultants and associations can structure the pyramid with specific content or direct links to institutional knowledge and legislation which they consider helpful to their own clients.
The pyramid structures information, multimedia content, eTraining and links to external databases. These can be linked directly to the integrated management containers of myPROMIS®, providing enormous added value based on the fact that employees receive the answer to their questions at ‘a fingertip’. This opens the door to a wide range of applications.
The levels of the pyramid from top down represent

  • an Initial Review section (profile of current performance: the baseline)
  • a Legislation section (relevant legislation)
  • a How to improve section
  • a Process optimization section
  • an Integrated management tool (myPROMIS®)

The first four levels make up myKnowledge.


Is a fully integrated tool for focused communication between consultants and their clients. It includes the option of direct access to a client’s working environment, subject to comprehensive access controls.


Is the tool which allows to conceive, elaborate and verify any kind of questionnaire; to adapt it to the own requirements and the needs of the own customers.