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Service Specifications

A. General Introduction

1. PROMIS® ( is a trademarked, internet based, process-oriented, multilingual Application Service Provider (ASP) and Compliance Management System. It focuses upon the fields of Environment, Energy, Health and Safety and Quality(SHEQ) following a comprehensive approach.

2. PROMIS® is designed specially for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as their consultants. PROMIS® is designed in such way that it can be used by persons, who are trained in the system, up to a certain degree ( documentation and capture level ) even if such persons are not acknowledged specialists in SHEQ. It is not designed for the use of private individuals (consumers). Regarding the qualifications necessary for complete fulfilment of the legal requirements and to reach certification, these persons need, however, relevant subject-specific knowledge. PROMIS is not intended for use by private persons ( consumers in the meaning of the law ).

3. PROMIS consists of the modules

  • myPROMIS
  • myKnowledge
  • myQuestionnaire
  • myQualification
  • myCommunication

These modules assist decision-makers of SMEs to consider and cope with challenges such as, e.g., legal requirements regarding labour safety and environmental protection as well as with management issues e.g. regarding Quality and other topics.

4. In order to get access to PROMIS the customer has to register. The use of some features of PROMIS® may be subject to additional agreements between PROMIS@Service and the customer and may give rise to additional costs and special registration.

5. The PROMIS® methodology is based on standardised reference models, provided by neutral and independent organisations. It is based on the knowledge and experience of consultants experienced in the relating field. Both professional Consultants as also so called “Local Management Assistants” can act as as advisers for PROMIS®. They can offer their services at different levels of experience. A qualified Consultant (ISO and/or EMAS and/or OSHAS) or a recognized, experienced and, therefore, competent technical expert is a consultant, who offers advice, assistance and training to Small and Medium Enterprises and other companies in required aspects of

  • best practice techniques,
  • regulatory compliance,
  • performance assessment and management and

continuous improvement in the fields of Occupational and Process Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality (SHEQ) in production. Such a Consultant is recognized as

  • Practitioner whose industrial career is in leadership of his technical field within SHEQ having demonstrated competence required by his employer and/or by regulatory authorities.

Local Management Assistants are people who, after training, can assist the SMEs in applying myPROMIS® (e.g. with data entry) and support the work of the qualified Consultants. The Local Management Assistants do not subscribe to PROMIS®, but are employed and paid by the SME or its Consultant.

These advisers qualified for PROMIS® will be carefully selected according to clear qualification criteria. Any contractual relationship between the advisers qualified for PROMIS® and the Customer is solely subject of these two parties. PROMIS@Service as an ASP is not involved in this contractual relationship.

B. Services

PROMIS® provides the following modules to the customers:

as core component of the service, is a fully integrated internet-based managementsystem for the fields of labour safety, environmental protection and quality management. It enables customers, at their request assisted by qualified Consultants, to image the processes of their enterprise and control them according to the legal requirements.

is a prestructured navigation tool which allows to systematically classify and retrieve contents and media of different formates applying suitable criteria. The structuring of the tool may be freely selected by the customer.

is a tool to generate and structure own questionnaires for the answer categories: wording, yes-no, multiple choice and ranking. The tool contains pre-formulated sample questionnaires for the fields of labour safety, environmental protection and quality management.


is a database to list adequately qualified Consultants applying a freely selectable profile structure. The SME customers may select and contact the listed Consultants applying different criteria.

is a system-integrated instrument for the task-oriented communication between the Consultant and his client. It offers direct access to the working surface of the client and comprises a comprehensive controlling of rights. It allows to duplicate and copy predefined structures to the desctop of the client and also to document the communication- and working-process explaining the actual status.
C. Possible ways to use PROMIS

PROMIS may be used in three different manners.
1. Independent use of all PROMIS-services, in particular myPROMIS, by small and medium enterprises (SME).
2. Use of all PROMIS-services or parts thereof assisted by local SME-associations or associations of SME-Consultants.
3. Use of all PROMIS-services or parts thereof in cooperation with qualified PROMIS-Consultants and/or Local Management Assistants.

D. Technical Requirements

To use PROMIS the following technical requirements have to be fulfilled by the Customer:

  • e-mail address of each active user for the registration
  • Microsoft Vista or Windows 7 a HTML5 full compatible browser and Adobe Flash Player > 9.0
  • DSL internet access with a transfer rate of 1 Mb/sec or more

Should there occur any failure in the use of PROMIS, in spite of the a.m. requirements being fulfilled, please, contact without delay and report the kind of failure and the current configuration of your internet browser and operating system.
PROMIS@Service will use its best efforts to eliminate the failure within the shortest possible time.

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