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               in                      AVIS, der Verband der italienischen freiwillige Blutspendender in Mailand, ist verpflichtet, alle Regeln und Vorschriften einzuhalten, die durch die Gesundheitsakkreditierung (nationale und europäische Normen), gute Praktiken im Arzneimittelsektor, Arbeitssicherheit, ISO 9000:2015 (Qualität), Datenschutz, Datensicherheit und Computersicherheit (GDPR) gefordert werden. Sie hat die digitale Plattform als ideales [...]

Managing the maintenance process within Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) often entails high direct and indirect costs. Now they can benefit from a new software solution helping them to develop their maintenance processes. Especially during periods of economical and financial crisis, SMEs do not invest in improving and re-engineering their Maintenance Engineering Processes (MEP), thus leading to [...]

The complexity of business operations requires an organisation to stay on top of a dynamic business environment — a slight mishap can have effects on an organisation’s reputation, integrity, operations, and relationships. Miscalculating political and commercial trends in Europe can limit markets or hinder the organisation from seizing new opportunities at the right time. Community [...]

This CEN Workshop Agreement (CEN CWA 16275) has been drafted and approved by a Workshop of representatives of interested parties, the constitution of which is indicated in the foreword of this Workshop Agreement. The formal process followed by the Workshop in the development of this Workshop Agreement has been endorsed by the National Members of [...]

Certification to ISO 9001 and other quality standards can seem a daunting prospect to many SMEs, Stephen Singer and Petere Rayson report on two sources of support in the UK and Europe. You can download the article here

This article has been presented at the e2000 Conference in Madrid (18th to 20th October 2000) and was published in: Brian Stanford-Smith and Paul T. Kidd (Eds), E-business – Key Issues Applicatons Technologies, IOS Press, Amsterdam Berlin Oxford Tokyo Washington, DC, Printed in the Netherlands, 2000, pp. 960-965. Abstract: Small and Medium Enterprises urgently need [...]

Industrialised countries are undergoing a process of transition from an ‘industrial’ to an ‘information’ society. One essential feature of the latter is, that everyone has access to information for political, economic, cultural and social development, so that there is a high level of information use among the general public. In the light of this, I [...]