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How does the consultant referral system work?

Once an SME user determines that they could use some external support – they can access a database of accredited PROMIS Consultants in the specific field they are looking for, and in their geographical area. Result – a warm lead, close to home, to a client who has come looking for you!

How does the PROMIS Consultant accreditation system work?

Stringent screening qualifications, developed with the active involvement of CEN, are applied to add Consultants to the PROMIS database. In this way we ensure that the database consists of high-quality professionals offering a good, competitive service. (And customer feedback is on the website too!).

How is PROMIS different from just another search engine or online encyclopaedia?

PROMIS is explicitly designed for the micro-business end of the market. All PROMIS material is strictly monitored and quality-checked, and in many cases designed to order – to ensure it is suitable for our target market of smaller SMEs.

In addition – rigorous licensing arrangements are in place with all our content providers to ensure that material remains up to date and reflects the changing business and regulatory landscape.

So is this just another accreditation hoop for consultants to jump through?

The PROMIS accreditation will within the next 2 years be recognised across the EU as a Consultancy accreditation in its own right.

However the criteria are specifically designed to recognise and take account of prior accredited qualifications – so PROMIS could be an additional accreditation based on your existing and recognised professional status.

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