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February 19, 2012

This article has been presented at the e2000 Conference in Madrid (18th to 20th October 2000) and was published in: Brian Stanford-Smith and Paul T. Kidd (Eds), E-business – Key Issues Applicatons Technologies, IOS Press, Amsterdam Berlin Oxford Tokyo Washington, DC, Printed in the Netherlands, 2000, pp. 960-965.

Abstract: Small and Medium Enterprises urgently need tailored business services
to support them in overcoming the challenging requirements to operate effectively
and safely their ongoing business. The driving force is the need to conform fully to
the complex legal and social requirements in the fields of Environment, Health,
Safety and Quality (EHS-Q) and to reduce the work overload of the key personnel.
SMEs are continuously facing these increasing requirements, without having the
personnel and financial resources to cope efficiently with such tasks. However, not
to comply with these requirements means an uncalculable risk for the SME and for
its key personnel. The goal of PROMIS was to develop a portal, which allows
European SMEs access to information essential for their key personnel to minimise
the above mentioned problem and for the SMEs to comply with customer
requirements in the international market regarding environmental protection, health,
safety and quality.

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