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The Company

PROMIS@Service Sarl helps European organisations to deal with a complex regulatory environment, to structure processes and data systematically and efficiently, and to achieve de facto compliance with legal requirements for Health & Safety, Quality, Environmental management and other international standards.

We provide a way of tailoring knowledge to users’ needs, through a low-cost, broad-scope, high-volume service. Our easy-to-use approach has started to attract major interest not only from the SMEs themselves, but also from consultants to SMEs. For consultants, we offer an easy framework to structure their knowledge, to support their clients to achieve compliance and gain steady performance improvement.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to keep complexity manageable and to make simplicity effective for the benefit of our SME and consultant customers.

Our Mission is to make PROMIS® the preferred single point of access for Performance, Compliance and Improvement for Small Organisations across Europe.

Culture & Values

Our Values

  • Our business idea is based on building a collaborative community with our clients and partners.
  • We expect mutual respect for each other’s positions, knowledge and experience.
  • We encourage collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing.
  • We maintain the principle of ethical professionalism as a pillar of our daily work, strengthening trust in our partners and enhancing the quality of our results.

Our Culture

  • Our culture has evolved over the ten-year development of PROMIS®, on the basis of a client- and business-focused approach.
  • We are a multinational and multi-disciplinary team, reflecting the demands of the heterogeneous SME market and the need to ‘go international.’ Our culture and approach accordingly encompass interdisciplinary teamwork, multilingualism and the capability to understand and respect sectoral and national differences, while striving to integrate commonalities at European level.