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For SMEs

“As manager or owner of your organization you are responsible for responding to the increasing challenges of legislation, customers and competition”

Spiralling customer expectations and intense competition require constantly improving processes. The ever-rising tide of regulation and legal requirements further add to the complexity of running a business.
Are you confident that your organisation:

  • Is competitive and continually improving?
  • Is not wasting time, money and energy?
  • Is legally compliant?
  • Is in control of risk?
  • Is nurturing its people, assets and the environment?

If you cannot answer yes to all of these questions, then you need PROMIS® -a solution that hosts your management system, business data and the experience of your employees.

PROMIS® enables you to structure, order and control your organisation’s processes and knowledge. It also includes access to a wealth of further sources of information, training and advice.

PROMIS® provides the complete framework for all your organisation’s processes and links them with relevant information, applicable regulations and related aspects such as equipment or raw materials. Transparency leads to confidence in the systems and from there to making real improvements.

Your Benefits

You can have a direct impact on your organisation’s “bottom line” through

  • Improved business processes
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Reduced risk of criminal prosecution
  • Clear information and competence – with the resulting savings in personnel time
  • Improved decision-making
  • A better credit rating or insurance terms could result from demonstrable transparency and confidence in the management systems.

With PROMIS® you need not do all the work yourself.
The online and interactive structure of PROMIS® lets you save time and work effectively with the online support of a consultant you can select.
The system already contains a pre-structured management system, which can be fine-tuned to the specific needs of your organization.
Working with your consultant keeps your system fully maintained and up to date, providing transparency and confidence for your management.
You can tap into the expertise and knowledge of consultants without the time and financial costs of face-to-face meetings.
Any potential improvement can be easily identified and measures put in place.