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For SMEs

Orderly good management is your path to success!
PROMIS makes complex look simple!


PROMIS® is the solution to:
  • Good value for money
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Easy to use

Single License

1 Users Licence

Number of users 1 Users
Storage 2 GB
Traffic limit / Month Unlimited

Team License

3 Users Licence

Number of users 3 Users
Storage 6 GB
Traffic limit / Month Unlimited

Group License

5 Users Licence

Number of users 5 Users
Storage 10 GB
Traffic limit / Month Unlimited

Technical Preconditions for the Use of PROMIS®

To use PROMIS® the following technical preconditions must exist on the part of the user:

  • E-mail-address per active user for the registration;
  • Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 or greater, a HTML5 full compatible browser and WebGL activated
  • DSL internet linkage with at least 1 Mb/s transfer rate.

Should there any failure occur in the use of PROMIS®, in spite of the above mentioned preconditions being fulfilled, please, contact without delay our support team and communicate the kind of failure and the current configuration of your internet browser and operating system.

PROMIS@Service will use best efforts to eliminate the failure within the shortest possible time.