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Chemical Process Safety

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Single License

1 Users Licence

Number of users 1 Users
Storage 2 GB
Traffic limit / Month Unlimited

Team License

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Storage 6 GB
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Group License

5 Users Licence

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Storage 10 GB
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In the solution you can find a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) workbook covering:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Toxic Vapour Release
  • Reactive Chemicals
  • This workbook is designed to lead a team responsible for operating a hazardous process through a series of questions going all the way to the detail of unit operations such as pumps, reactors, heat exchangers. The outcome should be a valuable record of the methods used to manage the hazards and a tool for training operators.

Basic workbooks for estimating consequence:

  • Fire based on the Dow Chemical Company’s Fire and Explosion Index (see Figure 4)
  • Explosion based on TNO Multi Energy methodology (see Figure 5)
  • Toxic vapour release based on the Dow Chemical Company’s Chemical Exposure Index. (see Figure 6)

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