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PROMIS® at CeBIT 2014 – Thought Leadership Talks

March 25, 2014

Europe goes Cloud – Digital Jobs for Europe


  • Eric Blot-Lefrère, Chairman of TrustSeed, Paris, France
  • Caterina Dr. Berbenni-Rehm, CEO at PROMIS @Service, Luxembourg

Recent studies show evidence that nearly 27 million people in the EU are without work. The gap between the countries of Europe in terms of employment is large. Once we are ready to accept the principle that through IT developments and facilities such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobility or Social Business, a potential increase of more than 100,000 digital and related jobs per year can be imagined. There is a tremendous opportunity for the European labour market.

Until now wish and reality across countries are still a long way away from each other. When it comes to IT-related and technical professions, the number of relevant graduates decreases. In addition, we witness the retirement of many valuable professionals today and in the coming years.

The Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs is a contribution of the European Commission to get the European economy back on track. Part of this initiative includes training and Skills Matching with leading IT companies in Europe, a common EU certification scheme for IT skills, eMentoring, as well as the funding of support services for computer scientists. European IT companies, governments and education and training institutions are explicitly called to stand up and become active, so that in Europe by 2015 as many IT jobs as possible are generated.

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