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Consultants’ Qualification...

Why qualification?

The quality of the services is underpinned by a pool of consultants and subject matter experts who are qualified following CEN guidelines. They can be selected online by the SMEs to support their daily work.
The database of qualified consultants, with details of their experience and their own professional profile is searchable in various ways by potential SME clients who can make contact through PROMIS.
PROMIS offers the opportunity to join our community of consultants and to work with our user SMEs at two levels:

PROMIS® Lead Consultant

You may qualify as a PROMIS Lead Consultant if you are an experienced provider of advice, resources or training to SMEs in the fields of quality, environmental, health & safety and/or integrated management systems.

Your CV should evidence your expertise and services including relevant aspects of

  • best practice techniques
  • regulatory compliance
  • performance assessment and management and
  • continual improvement

in your selected discipline(s) and industry sectors.
Your professional competences should be supported by

  • Appropriate and recognised professional qualifications where applicable; and/or
  • Evidence of professional leadership or special contribution in your technical field(s) in the areas of quality, environmental, health & safety and/or integrated management systems (e.g. by the publication of technical work, or by the recognition of educational courses you have designed and delivered).

All PROMIS Lead Consultants must pass the required PROMIS training course to complete their qualification as a PROMIS Lead Consultant or otherwise demonstrate achievement of the required competence.

Local Management Assistants

The role of Local Management Assistants is to assist user SMEs in managing the implementation of myPROMIS (e.g. by helping with the entry and organisation of data) and to support the work of the PROMIS Lead Consultants.
If you can demonstrate experience of working with SMEs in implementing and managing systems then you may qualify to be listed in the PROMIS Consultants’ Database. You do not need to have the same level of competence in quality, environmental, health & safety and/or integrated management systems as is required of a PROMIS Lead Consultant and would be requested to undergo the PROMIS training.
The following tables have been prepared to provide a framework for your qualification. Please complete all aspects which may be relevant to your qualifications and to the role for which you are applying.