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Occupational Safety

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The PROMIS® Occupational Safety Pyramid contains elements for Occupational Safety Management which are useful for meeting operator and regulator needs for industrial activities. The contents have in some cases been created from industrial experience and are specific to PROMIS®, Others have been produced by e.g. The United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive as requirements and good practice. In these cases, the information is provided as a link to the relevant web sites.


The solution include:

  • Safety Culture
  • Guidance on permit to work systems
  • Confined space entry
  • Management of Change
  • Basic occupational risk assessments
  • Workplace task analysis systems such as Job Safety Analysis
  • Occupational Safety Questionnaire for self assessment
  • Audit systems and protocol
  • Root Cause Incident Investigation

Important principles such as the involvement of operators to write Job Safety Analyses for themselves and ratication by supervision are included. The need to check such vital systems as management of Change, Permit to Work systems is covered in relevant workbooks and guidance. Further assistance and updates are available from the author Richard Gowland.


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