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EDEN 2018 Annual Conference
EDEN 2018 Annual Conference @ Genova
Oct 28 – Jun 20 all-day
EDEN is proud to announce its 27th Annual Conference organised around the themes of micro, meso and macro learning aspects of distance and e-learning. Networking [...]
5th World Elastomer Summit
5th World Elastomer Summit @ Dusseldorf
Mar 7 – Mar 8 all-day
With the volatility of butadiene prices still very much influencing the industry, amongst other factors, the elastomer market is yet to adjust to a more [...]
LPG Europe 2018
LPG Europe 2018 @ Lisbon
Mar 7 – Mar 8 all-day
The third edition of ACI’s LPG Europe Summit will bring together senior executives and experts from the LPG industry, as well as consultants, vehicle manufacturers [...]
The 9th International Multi-Conference IMCIC 2018
The 9th International Multi-Conf… @ Orlando
Mar 13 – Mar 16 all-day
Conceptual and instrumental relationships among Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics are continuously growing, cross-fertilizing each other and generating important theoretical and technological synergies. Similar concepts and [...]