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MoniQA Association Events

January 13, 2014

2014 will offer several opportunities to meet MoniQA and colleagues from around the globe – we hope to see you at one or the other MoniQA supported meeting. 17 January 2014: Info Day 2014 Horizon 2020 calls for proposals – Societal Challenge 2 and LEIT Biotechnology, Brussels, Belgium. MoniQA’s Secretary General, Roland Poms, will [...]

CHECK.point eLearning, Special: LEARNTEC, 09/01/2014 – – ISSN 1613-4710 Independent Learning with Social-Learning Components MOOCs as an Approach to On-the-Job Training “Social Interaction Is Irreplaceable in the Learning Process” Learning Is Best Done When Learners Have Fun The Focus of Educational Controlling Is Effectivity Designing Educational Videos like the Pros Executives as Part of [...]

Edinburgh, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Abstract: This course is aimed at organisations working towards the Healthy Working Lives Award programme. It provides information on the HSE Management Standards for Work-related Stress and the Managing Stress in the Workplace – Work Positive risk management process. It includes practical exercises to develop skills required to [...]